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Our dance studio has something for everyone! We offer a wide range of styles and levels, so no matter what your interest or skill level is we can help you find an option that will fit.



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You Can Dance Expert Advice

Bronze I (Good Social Basic)

At the conclusion of this level, the student/s should know the foot positions and be able to

join the figures in a continous manner with a basic sense of music and timing.

Bronze II (Advanced Social)

At the conclusion of this level, the student/s should have a better understanding of the

lead/follow aspects of the dance through hold, hand connections, posture, and should show

a more rhythmical action through stronger use of feet and legs.

Bronze III & Full Bronze

At the concluson of these levels, the student/s should have a good understanding of the

technique required to show the characteristcis of the dance through good balance, foot and

leg control, poise, styling and overall presentation.

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